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Macroplan has been intensively engaged in the EU FP6 project Railenergy (2006-11) on behalf of the international union of railways (UIC), see below testimonial.

“The international union of railways, UIC, confirms that we have dealt with Macroplan Consulting in Copenhagen, Denmark, since 2006, during which time Macroplan has provided our busines with excellent support in the areas of research and development as well as dissemination and training activities in the context of the collaborative rail research project “Railenergy” (2006-2010). Macroplan has helped Railenergy to become one of the most acknowledged rail research projects in the field of energy:

  • Macroplan supported the planning and project management of this large scale European project.
  • Macroplan was the co-author of the UIC/UNIFE Technical Recommendation TecRec 100_001 “Specification and verification of energy consumption for railway rolling stock”; now being succesfully implemented in rolling stock procurement processes.
  • Macroplan developed the Railenergy Calculator; an online screening tool for assessing reduction potentials of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the railway system.
  • After finishing the Railenergy project Macroplan developed an E-learning tool for the “Railenergy Calculator” and the “TecRec 100_001 standard” and thereby provided a first element for a planned UIC virtual university.

We acknowledge Macroplan being a solid and reliable partner and credible expert in this field.”

Director Emilio Maestrini, Rail System Department, UIC, December 2011

Curriculum Vitae

Macroplan is organising both small and large scale projects using its wide network of contacts around Scandinavia and all of Europe. The in-house resources are based on the qualifications of the founder and senior consultant Mads Bergendorff. Read his Curriculum Vitae.