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Company Mission

Creating tomorrow’s society through sustainable transport decisions is our¬†passion. It is our aim with Macroplan together with our customers to create new innovative transport solutions that will move the world in a more sustainable and meaningful direction.

It is my mission with Macroplan to support sustainable development through facilitation of change processes, knowledge sharing and implementation of targeted innovation projects

Macroplan is delivering high quality and custom-fit services in the conceptual phase as well as in the strategic steps towards implementation. Communication, leadership and mutual understanding are critical for Macroplan in the process of bringing new ideas to live and prosperity.

Macroplan Corporate Values

Competence, trust and intuition

Technical solutions is built on competence, know how and experience – no doubt about that. But solving the right problems goes much deeper than this. For that you need to rely on trust and intuition within your development team. You know this already and that is why you come to Macroplan.

Competent, trusting and intuitive people do deliver more magnificent, sustainable and innovative solutions and perspectives that can solve todays’ problems creating extraordinary experiences for tomorrow.

It is an honour and privilege as consultant to assist my clients to develop and advance good ideas into excellent concepts respecting basic energetic principles of nature and mankind – based on mind, body and spirit.