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New energy standard for rail

New energy standard for rail

Getting to know the UIC/UNIFE TecRec 100_001


Your challenge

One of the main problems with energy efficiency of new railway rolling stock is the lack of information available for the engineers specifying and developing new trains and the actual testing and verification of the energy performance at delivery. For more than ten years leading companies acknowledged this missing link which corresponds to the EURO norms existing for road vehicles.

Now a standard has been produced, the UIC/UNIFE TecRec 100_001, but since it came to the market in March 2010 the railway operators and manufacturers still have trouble applying the principles and thereby prevent themselves from getting the true value out of it.

Our solution

Macroplan is the co-author of the UIC/UNIFE TecRec 100_001 and knows the standard in detail. This means that we can teach and assist you to apply the standard correctly and thereby maximizing your benefit for your rolling stock – no matter if you are an operator looking to buy or lease new rolling stock or as manufacturer trying to spark your green innovations and promote your products in the best way.

Customer references
  • Development of the UIC/UNIFE TecRec 100_001 for UIC
  • Procurement and environment workshop for the Danish railways (DSB)
  • Environmental requirements to and evaluation of Danish/Swedish Öresund trains
Our partners

Macroplan cooperates with Emkamatik (Switzerland) on this issue to bring you the best and most precise energy analyses.

Contact us

Call Director Mads Bergendorff at +45 29 93 76 11 or email mads(a)macroplan.dk.