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TS 50591: Energy Standard by Macroplan to become Euronorm

TS 50591: Energy Standard by Macroplan to become Euronorm

The UIC/UNIFE TecRec 100_001 is now being transposed into a European Norm with the code TS 50591. This decision was taken in March 2015 by CENELEC SC9XB. Macroplan – being the co-author for the standard (with Swiss Emkamatik in the lead) – has extensive knowledge of how to apply this standard.

Since March 2010 the joint standard “Specification and verfication of energy consumption for railway rolling stock” has been in force – also known as the UIC/UNIFE TecRec 100_001.

Many railways and manufacturers are still unsure of how to apply and benefit from this radically new standard and innovation driver for the European railways. Contact Mads Bergendorff to find out more.

The objective of the TecRec 100_001 is to determine the energy performance of specified rolling stock in a certain service.

The criterion for the energy consumption of the rolling stock is the total net energy consumed – either at the pantograph or from the fuel tank – over a predefined service profile, which is either taken from the future operation of the train, or according to a standardised typical profile valid for the specific service category of trains.

In this way the TecRec will provide the framework within which energy performance values for trains and locomotives can be compared from a common baseline and thereby support benchmarking and improvement of the energy efficiency of rail vehicles.

The standard is the result of the European R&D project Railenergy, read more at www.railenergy.eu.

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