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Railenergy Calculator by Macroplan

Railenergy Calculator by Macroplan

Macroplan Consulting has been key driver in the Railenergy project (2006-2011) working as subproject manager and key developer of the Railenergy Calculator. The Calculator is found on the project website (www.railenergy.eu).
Railenergy website

The Railenergy Calculator is a web-based decision support tool for the European rail industry to align energy calculations, methodology and increase common understanding sectorwide. It is first of all a business to business screening tool for R&D, procurement and upgrade projects.

The tool performs analysis and prediction of energy savings, CO2 emissions and simplified life cycle costs. The Railenergy Calculator is NOT a comparison tool between transport modes like Ecotransit or Ecopassenger.

The target groups are technicians, procurement, energy and management staff from:
* Railway operators
* Infrastructure managers
* Leasing companies
* Railway manufacturers & suppliers
* Rail traffic authorities & transport agencies
* Consultants and academia

The Railenergy Calculator is most appropriate in the first phases where the partners typically need better clarification of realistic potentials without investing too much time.

The tool has been programmed to really meet the user wherever the user is. There are nine steps to go through and the principle is like ordering a trip or a hotel on the internet. Normally the logics would be to start from the beginning but the program can handle that any user starts wherever this is possible and advise the user where to go to complete the necessary data.

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