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TS 50591: Energy Standard by Macroplan to become Euronorm

TS 50591: Energy Standard by Macroplan to become Euronorm

The UIC/UNIFE TecRec 100_001 is now being transposed into a European Norm with the code TS 50591. This decision was taken in March 2015 by CENELEC SC9XB. Macroplan – being the co-author for the standard (with Swiss Emkamatik in the lead) – has extensive knowledge of how to apply this standard.

Since March 2010 the joint standard “Specification and verfication of energy consumption for railway rolling stock” has been in force – also known as the UIC/UNIFE TecRec 100_001.

Many railways and manufacturers are still unsure of how to apply and benefit from this radically new standard and innovation driver for the European railways. Contact Mads Bergendorff to find out more.

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Macroplan receives international innovation recognition

Macroplan receives international innovation recognition

In the first UIC Innovation Awards ceremony Macroplan Consulting received positive recognition for its contribution to the global railway system. Macroplan together with German IZT (Institute for future studies and technology assessment) and IT developer join and share has received a certificate for their joint development of the Railenergy Calculator within the EU project Railenergy.

I am particularly happy and proud that this tool has now received recognition by the international railway research board, IRRB, but what is even more thrilling is the fact that with more than 500 unique users per month the ideas coming from Railenergy are spreading in a proactive way throughout the global railway communities says Macroplan Director Mads Bergendorff.

This tool is simple yet powerful for a first analysis of any railway system, so even non-experts can make a short and transparent assessment with regards to energy and CO2 savings as well as life cycle economic evaluation and sensitivity analysis. Check out the tool yourself here: www.railenergy.eu. Contact Mads Bergendorff for more information.

The team behind this tool are from Macroplan Consulting Laszlo Cikajlo (technical engineer) and director Mads Bergendorff (idea and concept). From IZT, Roland Nolte (director) and Christian Kamburow (technician) made dedicated contributions. The tool was programmed and finally implemented by join and share based on invaluable efforts from Sabine Fass (web layout and user experience) and director Thomas Gross (programming).

Macroplan E-learning system online

Macroplan E-learning system online

Macroplan has developed an online tool offered to explain how to use the tools and standards coming out of Railenergy, the biggest collaborative European rail research project for energy efficiency to date. It is available directly on the project website: www.railenergy.eu.

The tools use videos and animations as part of an easy and understandable approach to the complex topic of energy calculation.

Learning about the RAILENERGY calculator

The Railenergy calculator is a software-based decision support tool for the assessment of various energy efficiency strategies for the main decision-makers in the railway sector.

The tool helps system integrators assessing technologies to be used in future competitive rail vehicles and infrastructure components. Likewise, railway operators and infrastructure managers will benefit by being able to evaluate the operational, technical and strategic investment opportunities for energy efficiency solutions within procurement, leasing, operation and maintenance of railway systems.

The strategic evaluation is based on a simplified cost benefit/cost effectiveness methodology including a strong lifecycle perspective. The tool enables the optimal mix of energy efficiency strategies to be defined at either vehicle or network level, with respect to energy efficiency and costs (e.g. investments, payback time) regarding both possible techniques as well as uncertainty in the planning process (future traffic) and tariffs.

Learning about TecRec 100_001 “Specification and verification of energy consumption for railway rolling stock”

Technical Recommendation 100_001 is a direct output of the RAILENERGY project and applicable for the specification and verification of energy consumption railway rolling stock. The criterion for the energy consumption of rolling stock, as set forth in the present document, is the total net energy consumed – either via the rail pantograph or from the fuel tank – over a predefined service profile, which is either taken from the future operation of the train, or according to a standardised typical profile valid for the specific service category of trains. This method secures directly comparable results by and representing the real operation of a train.

The general purpose of this Technical Recommendation is to provide a comparative framework to evaluate energy performance values for train sets or locomotives on a common basis, thereby benchmarking and improving the energy efficiency of all types of rail vehicles.

For more information about this product contact Director Mads Bergendorff.

Railenergy Calculator by Macroplan

Railenergy Calculator by Macroplan

Macroplan Consulting has been key driver in the Railenergy project (2006-2011) working as subproject manager and key developer of the Railenergy Calculator. The Calculator is found on the project website (www.railenergy.eu).
Railenergy website

The Railenergy Calculator is a web-based decision support tool for the European rail industry to align energy calculations, methodology and increase common understanding sectorwide. It is first of all a business to business screening tool for R&D, procurement and upgrade projects.

The tool performs analysis and prediction of energy savings, CO2 emissions and simplified life cycle costs. The Railenergy Calculator is NOT a comparison tool between transport modes like Ecotransit or Ecopassenger.

The target groups are technicians, procurement, energy and management staff from:
* Railway operators
* Infrastructure managers
* Leasing companies
* Railway manufacturers & suppliers
* Rail traffic authorities & transport agencies
* Consultants and academia

The Railenergy Calculator is most appropriate in the first phases where the partners typically need better clarification of realistic potentials without investing too much time.

The tool has been programmed to really meet the user wherever the user is. There are nine steps to go through and the principle is like ordering a trip or a hotel on the internet. Normally the logics would be to start from the beginning but the program can handle that any user starts wherever this is possible and advise the user where to go to complete the necessary data.