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Sustainable Transport in Action

Macroplan Consulting is trusted advisor for our international customers when it comes to sustainable acquisition and projects in public railborne transport. It is our highest mission to foster sustainable transport decisions that creates tomorrow’s society – attractive for end-users and business of course – while balanced and sustainable for society and planet earth.

Macroplan Consulting is a highly specialized company with deep-rooted knowledge about sustainability transformation in public transport acquisition – especially for the light rail and heavy rail segment. We provide state-of-the-art high level advisory in public transport acquisitions to transport authorities, governments, railway operators, infrastructure managers, rolling stock manufacturers and related companies within the following areas:

  • Technology and Strategy Consulting
  • Requirement Specification and Tender Evaluation
  • Project Development and Innovation Facilitation
  • Leadership Communication and Training

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At Macroplan Consulting we work differently to achieve innovative and successful solutions in your projects. We believe in honest knowledge sharing and practical experience to inspire and qualify your next sustainable procurement decision. We approach your challenges with a holistic mindset and support you in developing new solutions and outstanding results. Read more about our company mission.

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